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Artist Statement

    For Alexis Robinson, perception and the human experience is the driving force behind her artwork. Presently, she is interested in ways that color, texture, and emotions interact to create out of body experiences. The main goal of her artwork is to produce a visceral synesthetic reaction through artwork. The inspiration for this exploration stems from her interest in mental health and the ways experiences can alter human interaction in the environment. 

         With each piece Robinson takes inspiration from her own personal experiences with mental health. As well as her strong interest in fashion, which started her initial interest in sweater making. When creating she deeply considers the way clothing effects our mood and the true meaning behind the mottos, “wearing your heart on your sleeve” or “dressing for success”. In many ways, her art takes those words seriously materializing those emotions into a literal garment. 

             Robinson considers herself a mixed media painter and designer. Her main focus is on crocheted art combined with acrylic painting. For her current project she is creating sweaters, tentatively called “comfort cozies”, which are inspired by the way COVID-19 has impacted her view of comfort in the midst of trauma. 

Artist Biography

            Alexis Robinson grew up in a small farming community in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Her mental health experiences and childhood memories profoundly influence her art—specifically the passing of her father. 

            She is currently working toward a BA in Studio Art and a Psychology minor from the University of Rochester. During her time at the University of Rochester, she studied in New York City, held a gallery internship, and participated in showings at Sage Art Center in the As Is Gallery.

            Robinson focuses on mixed media, explicitly combining paint and fiber arts. Although her artwork is personal she believes the themes are universal especially to those that struggle with mental health. 

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